By phone

Prefer to book via phone or text? You can arrange details by calling or texting (347) 538-8273 between 10am - 11pm. 



Special Events & Private Parties

Available for special events upon request, packages are tailored to each client but generally include set number of images and photobook.


Studio Photo Shoot

Keep it Simple, Do it Right. Come in to our studio for a shoot

Nothing beats the ambience, lighting, chemistry, in a closed controlled setting. Come down and shoot in one of my studios, in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. Feel at ease, kick back and have fun. Private vanity and changing room on site.

The studio is really where the magic happens because every element is in out control and all the gear and toys are at our disposal. If you have picked out a theme here is where we create a whole world around your idea. We welcome staging, props and more so feel free to ask and discuss all your details with your photographer.

On-site location

Any Location I'll come to you. At your home, Event, or Exotic Locale

Sometimes the studio just can't express the beauty or drama of your scene. Let's take it on location. Whether on the beach at sunset or in a trendy, artsy or industrial setting, we'll grab the right gear and take it on the road.

We spare no detail when it comes to setting up a shoot. Every nuance and variable is taken into account to make your setting the most dynamic, alluring background for an incredible image. We have gone off the beaten path many times and it's always amazing to see what we can discover on-location. If you have a particular locale in mind or can't decide just ask and we'll help make the perfect choice with you.